The Tigress

cropped-tigershadowpuppet2.jpgShe was called Yinyin, to soften the chi of the family name, Yang. Same reason she picked Claudia, from clouds, as her westerner alias. But her master knew better. He only addressed her as Mǔ Lǎohǔ, the Tigress. — Join this literary experiment and watch a character taking shape as I prepare for my next book. The story of a girl’s life as a cage fighter at night (who only fights men), tai chi instructor during the day (who doesn’t teach men). Follow the page so you can be updated on new posts with the fragments of her memories and please leave comments too. About Claudia, the writing, about fighting or female heroes. That’s why this page was born. To hear from you.

2 thoughts on “The Tigress

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