Artists of Fist

Martial artists, they call us. For a reason. Who, other than artists pour their hearts on pointless passions under risks ordinary people will never understand? Just because they have to express themselves that way. We work on our craft, our mind, then we go perform. We create, in front of everyone, something different, every time. With real risk. Give me a dancer who choreographs the spectacle on the go, and can die while doing it; or a painter whose canvas wants him to fail; a poet who bleeds for his words. There’s no art more art than fighting. If you don’t get it, it’s because your westerner mind can only see art if it’s for sale. Lululemon safe. I am not, neither are my fists. I get paid if I win, but at that point, I have done it already. I have risked everything because… because.#femalefighters #femalemartialartists #unitedbyblood Praise to both @criscyborg and @hollyholm – two amazing artists

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