About swords

That ain’t me in the photo. I love blades. Especially swords. Being from Wudang, I have almost an obligation to know at least some. But since my headaches started, Shifu took them away. I would easily have chopped my face off in a moment of agony. Despite understanding the reasons though, I still want them. Maybe someday science will find a cure for #clusterheadaches and I’ll be able to do it. Oh, and I’m not bling either. My name is Yinyin. They call me Tigress.


#suicidalheadaches #swordfighting

* this account is fictional. More into: link @ bio

#Repost from Instagram @fma_global with @get_repost


It takes great courage to pick up a sword.

But It takes greater courage not to use it🙏. @prototype_alina


As you know from my Instastories, I can’t get enough from weapons & training with them😁😌🙏 #martialartsproblems.

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