Best fighting style for women

What’s the best fighting style for new #femalefighters who want to learn to defend themselves in modern days? Why?

Personally I’d rather learn everything I can from anywhere I feel it’s worth, and make my own, but one must always pick a starting point. My suggestion: pick one you think it’s going to be fun.

Fighting is a long journey until you get to real skill. If you don’t enjoy you’ll quite before you are ready to use.

Remember: me. Prepared their entire lives to know how to wrestle and punch and get hit… a half ass, two weeks long self-defense course is not going to prepare you to catch up.

#boxing #muaythai #bjj #judo #karate #wingchun #kungfu #kravmaga #filipinomartialarts

Instagram photo from @lucyjaynemurrayuk who practices #kiokushin

* this account is fictional.

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