Black Warrior to the North

Wudang is a UNESCO world heritage site because of extraordinary places like the Black Warrior Palace, a temple dedicated to Xuanwu, the daoist Turtoise/Snake god of the north. I was just writing about it in a chapter of the book and stopped by to post a picture too. #wudang #daoism #taoism #kungfu

Dragon tears

In China they say dragons in the sky send us the rain. That may sound silly, until you sit on the edge of a cliff in Wudang, and see the mist climb the mountains like an army of white dragons being summoned upstairs.

Trip to Wudang

The last few weeks have been an amazing journey to the core of the book. A trip to China -- Wudang and Shanghai -- to study Daoism and Taichi. Lots of photos and videos coming soon. For now, enjoy the new TaiChi form the officials at Wudang have been preparing to roll out next year.