I’m writing this book

It’s official: I’m writing a new book. 92,371 words in, to be precise. Fourth revision and counting.

Every now and then I come out and declare my insane intention to have another book published. Here I am again, asking for your help.

Coming out is a ritual I take seriously, for at that moment, by telling everyone, I make it impossible to turn back. It happened to all the 4 books I published in Brazil, including the first one that took me 10 years to get published (and it was the friends who heard my announcement who didn’t let me give up).

This round, I am moving my sight from Africa and Brazil to China and America, where the new story happens. From my mother tongue Portuguese to my second language, English. An adventure for sure. It will be hard, frustrating and exciting. It has been, and will be way more.

Like before, I am counting on you to never let me give up. The coward in me will try. Now the side that doesn’t like to disappoint the others will keep me in check.

Meanwhile, there’s this page. A peek into my research on the universe of the book and some exercises on the way the protagonist speaks.

Oh, the story! I must say something about the story, right?!

I always liked the clash between modern and cultural traditions, tech and faith. This is a book isn’t any different: kung fu and artificial intelligence, two of my favorite themes, so you can imagine a blast I’ve been having for the three years since I started this project. It tells the adventures of Claudia Yang (Yang Yinyin in China), who moves to The Bay Area to follow Bruce Lee’s steps. From the flowery parks of Berkeley and the underground fighting scene of Oakland, she teaches Tai Chi during the day, cage fights at night. Ultimately, the story is her strange journey towards immortality, one she always intended to pursue, just not the way it ended up happening.

So grab a chair, follow the page, share your thoughts, and more than anything, help me stick with the plan.


PJ Pereira.

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