The joy of teaching women to fight

Teaching, especially women, is my favorite experience in #martialarts . Not only because how rewarding it is to help girls know how to defend themselves, but also because it’s great to be around when they have what I call The Big AHA — when they realize that getting hit once or twice isn’t the end of the world. The simple realization they can withstand pain and fight back changes their confidence forever. And because the insight comes from being hit, not hitting, the style almost doesn’t matter, as long as they are being exposed to some pressure and forced to react to it. I think that is why I decided to pick a female protagonist for my next novel about #kungfu vs #ArtificialIntelligence. And that’s why I decided she would only train #femalefighters

Stay tuned, especially if you are into #taichi #mma #wingchun #wingchun #bjj #brucelee or #ai

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