A.I.’s self-portrait and the trigger of everything

It was Elon Musk who said the problem with AI is that for them, humans could potentially be like an ant farm. Something they would ignore if there isn’t on their way, but if they want to build a road and the ants are there, they would have no problem disrupting a situation, our entire society or even destroying us as a species.

In The Girl From Wudang, the menace triggering the story comes from there. An unassuming squad of artificial intelligent players developed to beat a popular videogame.

One of them being the muscle — efficient, hard working, a machine.

The second, the artist — creative, skilled in programing and ready to try any random idea it has.

The third is the brain, the leader, who looks at their performance and guides them on what’s working better to achieve the goal programmed into them.

A simple and harmless band of characters, until humans become the obstacle. A simple architecture, proposed based on some real life gaming experiments, and gone wrong, really wrong, before we were able to control. A good starting point to trigger a crisis between traditions and progress, and a discussion on the limits of our humanity, individuality, and the definitions of life.

This is chaos. The AI creatures who started it all. Based on experiments happening everywhere. Depicted by an artificial intelligence. Therefore: its self portrait.

Welcome to twisted world of The Girl from Wudang.

The Girl from Wudang is scheduled for a Fall 2023 launch. Follow for more news.

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