Dummy Rant

The #wingchun #woodendummy is a trunk with arms. But it’s the trunk, not the arms! A tool created to help us visualize the centerline, fundamental principle of this art. To help us learn to pressure the centerline. Attack the centerline. Move around the arms and the legs… to attack the centerline. Yet, most people I see using it, are so focused on the arms they never take the true practical effect of this brilliant invention. They learn to fight an immobile opponent instead of moving around the attacker, of learning to flank him and go after the centerline from the new angle. The result: robotic chain punching robots that can’t use wing chun for anything real, who get the art criticized for having weak footwork, when in fact the more I train, the closer I think it is to boxing footwork (though a bit more rooted). Anyway, the next time you stand in front of one of these, forget the arms. They are just an obstacle to the trunk, the centerline. No matter where you touch, make that body shake.* ——————

* side note: there is a considerable difference between the wall mounted dummy and all the other ones in terms of the feedback you get. Once you try the wall mount everything tends to get clearer.

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A new me

Let me take a minute away from the story to focus on the journey. It’s a new year after all.



Last year was a battle. This time against myself. So far, new me is winning and it feels really good. I have more energy to train and the drive to write recently came back too. Not a coincidence that I finally got my karate black belt and finished the book after the 100lb lost! I must thank all the support I got from family and co-workers, plus the crowd at my martial arts school too. I wouldn’t have done it without you. Also the healthcare professionals who took such good care of me. Now onward. Keeping the weight off, moving life ahead, training like a mofo and getting this book about #kungfu and #artificialintelligence out of the door. Hope you like it once it’s done.

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What style of fighting do you practice?

#taichi is a new thing for me. I’ve trained different styles of #kungfu including #wingchun plus #karate #boxing #BJJ and a bunch of other things, in my attempt to build my own version of #mma with a traditional martial arts spin. But then tried #taichi from #Wudang to understand how the character from my book feels when she’s training or fighting and love it — will probably keep training way beyond the book. How about you, what do you do?

The joy of teaching women to fight

Teaching, especially women, is my favorite experience in #martialarts . Not only because how rewarding it is to help girls know how to defend themselves, but also because it’s great to be around when they have what I call The Big AHA — when they realize that getting hit once or twice isn’t the end of the world. The simple realization they can withstand pain and fight back changes their confidence forever. And because the insight comes from being hit, not hitting, the style almost doesn’t matter, as long as they are being exposed to some pressure and forced to react to it. I think that is why I decided to pick a female protagonist for my next novel about #kungfu vs #ArtificialIntelligence. And that’s why I decided she would only train #femalefighters

Stay tuned, especially if you are into #taichi #mma #wingchun #wingchun #bjj #brucelee or #ai

Kung Fu vs Artificial Intelligence

Finishing a novel about #martialarts and #artificialIntelligence – follow to show the world that fans of #fighting like books too (You won’t believe how many times I heard people asking if martial arts people like to read)

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The end, restart

Writing is weird. You start, sometimes finish. Then finish again, and again and again… until you can’t do it anymore. Then you abandon it, hoping the world won’t crucify you for your lack of stamina. Last night I finished this same story for the 5th time. There’s at least one more to go by myself, just to polish the writing and grammar a little bit. Then I’ll go find agent and publisher, probably one or two more to go. Usually I truly end on the 6th or 7th… but this one is being written in a language that isn’t mine. The adventure may last a bit longer. Let’s see. What’s the Daoist god of stamina again?

The Wisdom of the Dao

In my research for the next novel, I had the pleasure to meet Deng Ming Dao, author of this wonderful little book of stories used in the Daoist culture to explain, memorize and carry important ideas and values through time. Dumb me forgot to take a picture of us together. Nevertheless, the conversation was, I may say, enlightening.

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#Durga is a Hindu warrior #goddess, protective mother of the universe. She is one of the faith’s most popular deities, a protector of all that is good and harmonious in the world. A special appearance of #Hinduism in a book inspired by #daoism – coming soon.


I learn so much when I start a new book. What other activity would allow me to have, on the same month, a conversation about 1) soul alchemy in daoism, another on 2) thought suppression on the brain’s neocortex, one about 3) antagonist algorithms in artificial intelligence, one on 4) the differences between playing and non-playing characters in Minecraft, one on 5) the different rooms at the White House, one on 6) take down defense in mixed martial arts, one on 7) intersectional feminism, one on 8) the similarities between the i-Ching and the divination systems in Nigeria?

Just think of the hashtags alone: #Wudang #daoism #neuroscience #minecraft #whitehouse #artificialintelligence #mixedmartialarts #taichi #literature #feminism #intersectionalfeminism #iching #yoruba #china

Crazy, but fun!

The Magic of Wudang

The mountains of Wudang, in China, are no doubt one of the most magical places I’ve been in my life. After a few days there, I came back full of inspiration for more vivid descriptions of the places where Yinyin was born and raised. Unfortunately, photos never captured that magic well, and video leaves some of it out too. These cinemagraphs, in their subtle looped motion, although manipulated by a computer program, may do the landscape more justice. Hopefully the novel will allow you to go the furthest. 😉